The results are based on £50.00 level stakes and where applicable the odds are either SP or BSP unless stated. On occasions the odds at the time of distribution was higher than SP noted on the Results Page.

The recommended starting bank is reset to £500.00.

The figures are NET and do not include stake return.

Matt from TPS has recently taken over the NAP service, here are the results for 2017

DateNAPOdds (at time of posting)ResultP+LBank
1st JanNO BET500.00
2nd JanNO BET500.00
3rd JanDingo Dollar6/4WON+75.00575.00
4th JanNO BET575.00
5th JanNO BET575.00
6th JanNO BET575.00
7th JanLife Boat Mona11/4WON+137.50712.50
8th JanNO BET 712.50
9th JanNO BET712.50
10th JanNO BET712.50
11th JanBorn to Finish15/8WON+93.75806.25
12th JanNO BET806.25
13th JanIfandbutwhynot9/4Meeting Abandoned due to snow.806.25
14th JanOvertown Express7/4WON+87.50893.75
15th JanNO BET - Sunday893.75
16th JanNO BET893.75
17th JanNO BET893.75
18th JanAyr of Elegance5/6WON+41.67935.42
19th JanWalt6/43rd-50.00885.42
20th JanNO BET855.42
21st JanPinzolo5/2WON+125.00980.42
22nd Jan Sunday -No bet980.42
23rd JanDazacam (NR)6/4--980.42
24th JanNO BET980.42
25th JanShan Dun Na Ngall13/8WON+81.251061.67
26th JanCourt Frontier(mentioned)9/4WON+112.50
Not recorded in results as was not an official bet
27th JanOcean Drive6/52nd-50.001011.67
28th JanUnowhatimeanharry11/10WON+55.001066.67
29th JanSunday - no bet1066.67
30th JanNO BET1066.67
31st JanNO BET - 4 mentions:
1. Un Prophete
2. Dandy Flame
3. Absolute Blast
4. Fast Landing
3. 2nd
Profit of £90.77 if following the mentions.
Not recorded in the results.
1st FebRock Warbler5/42nd -50.00450.00
2nd FebNO BET450.00
3rd FebNO BET
4th FebClan Des Obeaux9/4UP-50.00400.00
5th FebSunday- NO BET
6th FebNO BET
7th FebNO BET
8th FebMaster Blueeyes4/5WON+40.00440.00
9th FebNO BET
10th FebNO BET
11th FebRon's Dream11/4 - 3/1 in places
We'll take 11/4
12th FebSunday - NO BET
13th FebNO BET
14th FebCaspers King5/4WON+62.50640.00
15th FebNO BET
16th FebReivers Lad11/10WON+55.00695.00
17th FebNO BET
18th FebVerne Castle2/1WON+100.00795.00
19th FebNO BET
20th FebNO BET
21st FebNO BET
22nd FebNO BET
23rd FebNO BET
24th FebWild West Wind11/83rd-50.00745.00
25th FebNO BET
26th FebSunday - NO BET
27th FebNO BET
28th FebNO BET
Months Total+£245.00
Starting Bank
1st MarchNO BET
2nd MarchThe Unit7/4WON+87.50587.50
3rd MarchNO BET
4th MarchBold D'Air6/4WON+75.00662.50
5th MarchNO BET - Sunday
6th MarchNO BET
7th MarchNO BET
8th MarchNO BET
9th MarchUnison7/4WON+87.50750.00
10th MarchNO BET
11th MarchKing of Fashion11/10lost-50.00700.00
12th MarchSunday - NO BET
13th MarchOlofi1/1Lost-50.00650.00
14th MarchThe Mythologist7/4Lost-50.00600.00
15th MarchNO BET
16th MarchHurricane Rita6/4Lost-50.00550.00
17th MarchNO BET
18th MarchNO BET
19th MarchNO BET
20th MarchNO BET
21st MarchNO BET
22nd MarchKrackatoa King6/4WON+75.00625.00
23rd MarchNO BET
24th MarchNO BET
25th MarchWinterlude5/4Lost-50.00575.00
26th MarchSunday -NO BET
27th MarchNO BET
28th MarchNO BET
29th March *update shortly.
30th March
31st March
1st AprilNO BET
2nd AprilNO BET
3rd April NO BET
4th AprilArzaak5/4WON+62.50562.50
5th AprilBracken Brae1/1WON+50.00612.50
6th AprilNO BET
7th AprilNO BET
8th AprilTop Ville Ben5/4Lost (3 lengths up when falling!)-50.00562.50
9th AprilNO BET
10th AprilNO BET
11th AprilLord Ben7/4Lost-50.00512.50
12th April NO BET
13th AprilRoyal Gait13/8WON+81.25593.75
14th AprilSecond Thought13/8WON+81.25675.00
15th April Amour De Nuit11/10*
Massive series of rule 4s
1/8 SP
WON+6.25* at SP due to NRs681.25
16th AprilNO BET - Sunday
17th AprilIf You Say Run13/8WON+81.25762.50
18th AprilNO BET
19th AprilNO BET
20th AprilBrando11/10WON+55.00817.50
21st AprilNO BET
22nd AprilGanebi5/2(sp)WON+125.00942.50
23rd AprilSunday - No Bet
24th AprilNO BET