. You can see the results in the table below.  Stakes are to £100 with a £2000 starting bank

Our New tipster took over on Feb 23rd 2019

23rd FebTalkischeap7/2Lost-£100-£1900
25th Feb Western HonourEveWON+£100£2000
26th FebMartineo9/4WON+£225£2225
28th Feb Hurricane Dylan2/1Lost-£100£2125
1st MarMerhoob9/4NRNR
2nd MarRocky's Treasure 5/2Lost-£100£2025
4th MarChevallier5/4WON£125£2150
5th MarSmarty Wild9/4WON+£225£2375
6th MarCommiss Doffice13/8Lost-£100£2275
7th MarVis a vis5/42nd-£100£2175
8th MarBonnie Question6/52nd-£100£2075
9th MarMasked Identity5/42nd-£100£1975
11th MarBubblah7/4Lost-£100£1875
12th MarPass the Vino 3/1WON+£300£2175
13th MarTiger Roll11/8WON£137.50£2312
15th MarSir Eric6/4Lost-£100£2212
16th MarBurrows Hedge5/23rd-£100£2112
18th MarDarasso5/4WON+£125£2337
19th MarBonnie Question5/4Lost-£100£2237
20th MarScorpian Sid10/11WON+£90.90£2328
21st MarSubway Surf10/11WON+£90.90£2419
22nd MarNube Negra9/43rd-£100£2319
1st AprFan Breeze6/52nd-£100
2nd AprSwiss Pride9/42nd-£100